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The Grail started in Italy in the seventies, but there were already two Grail women working at the Vatican before that. It is a small group of women, most of them living in Milano, and working in different fields. Half of them are self employed. Recently the group was registered as Association of social promotion and it maintains a network with other local Associations.

In the beginning of the Grail movement the members were convinced that the talents of women should be developed because they could be of special use to convert the world. Right now the core belief is oriented towards religious research for personal development of women, in solidarity with each other and with women outside the Grail, caring for the environment, and therefore choosing a sober life style.

Current projects are: leading a group on biblical research, two groups on spirituality (with non-Grail members) and preparing a group on inter religious dialogue with immigrant women.

The group contributes significantly to the international Grail spirituality network by its studying mysticism and the roots of Christian spirituality. The scope of spiritual search is wider than the conservative position of the national Catholic Church. Participation in meetings with other religious organizations is another example of a widening horizon.



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