The majority of grail members live in the Toronto area. They are involved in a variety of professions, issues and actions. Some are involved in green economy and climate change issues, others work with refugees, non-status people, Latin Americans with low incomes - coordinating self-help, life skills and support programs for women, seniors and families - protecting tenants from eviction and visiting prisoners. Some members are involved in centering prayer and some meet once a month to reflect on issues related to spirituality from an interfaith perspective.

The Grail is also present:

  • in London Ontario where a member is dean of Brescia University College, Canada’s only university-level college for women; this includes Brescia’s recent founding of an institute for Women in Leadership (I-WIL);
  • in Montreal, Quebec in a leadership role with Women Doing Theology in Canada and as Quebec representative to the Women’s Interchurch Council;
  • in Prince Edward Island, working on research, action and advocacy on social justice issues at local, regional, national and international levels, particularly on trade issues, poverty eradication and, coalition building.

Actions include education and advocacy against bio-fuels, genetic engineering, health privatization, and actions for organic farming, resource protection of water, land preservation and mining ombudsperson to receive complaints against Canadian mining practices abroad. There is also a small group monthly spiritual reflection based on scripture.

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