Who we are   The Grail – an International Women’s Movement


We are an international movement and community of women of different cultures, social backgrounds and generations.

We trust in the Spirit of God, Mystery and Source of Life.

We are called to create a sustainable world, transforming our planet into a place of peace and justice.


global_justice.pngThe Grail is committed to building a world of justice and peace through education and action and to standing in solidarity with those who struggle to overcome poverty.


ecological.pngWe acknowledge that we are part of the whole of creation.
We strive to live simply and to nurture a culture of care for all the earth.


empowering_women.pngConnecting to women all around the world,we work for the full participation of women in their communities and the world at large.


spirituality.pngAt the heart of our Grail life  is our spirituality and our search for a deeper understanding of God and God’s presence in our world.

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